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Chocolate & Cherry Protein smoothie(2)

Chocolate & Cherry Protein Smoothie

Here is an excuse to drink chocolate and not feel guilty! (You’re welcome.) This drink is perfect for those on a diet who are looking to get a boost of nutrients and give in to those sweet cravings. The rich taste from the cherries, combined with the chocolate powder provides a decadent dessert shake that is actually good for you. Plus there is a little flakey surprise too!


You may notice that there are a lot of cherries proportionately to this recipe, that is because although they are quick to stain, cherries are a subtle taste and easily become overpowered by the protein, therefore plenty are added to give the sweet (and delicious) cherry taste.
The frozen bananas avoid having to use ice in this recipe too which also stops the dilution of the flavor of the cherries and keeps it thick and creamy.


Smoothie Benefits

  • The protein in this smoothie is incredibly high per serving, in part due to the whey powder as well as the Greek yogurt. Whey powder is not just for bodybuilders or gym bunnies, it is a way to maintain and preserve your muscle mass if you are cutting your calorie intake to lose weight so that you lose fat rather than muscle.


  • Sometimes protein powders can affect the digestive system and can give you wind or indigestion so the addition of the Greek yogurt in this recipe combats this by providing probiotics to aid in digestion and keep healthy intestines.



  • It also contains: copper, manganese, iron, magnesium, potassium and zinc as well as a range of antioxidants to remove impurities from your system and provide you with an array of minerals you need in your diet.


  • Also, dark chocolate benefits those trying to eat healthier or less because it curbs hunger pains while alleviating sweet cravings which is perfect for those on a diet.


Smoothie Nutritional Info

Calories: 530
Fat: 7g
Carbohydrates: 55g
Protein: 20-25g
Sugar: 27g
Calcium: 274mg

Allergens: Dairy
Suitable for vegetarians

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Chocolate & Cherry Protein Smoothie
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20 g Dark Chocolate (Optional – but tasty)
2 Frozen Bananas
1 1/2 cups Milk (substitute half-fat if you prefer)
1 1/2 cups Scoops of Chocolate Whey Powder
1 cup Cherries (ensure they are pitted otherwise it is the quickest way to break a blender)
1/2 cup Low-Fat Greek Yogurt


Grate the dark chocolate into small flakes
Add the milk, protein powder, yoghurt and banana to a blender and mix until smooth
Add the cherries and blend again ensuring there are no cherry pieces left but that you don’t overdo it and lose some of the flavoring
Next, you can either pour into a glass and top with the dark chocolate sprinkled on the top or you can hand stir it in so that you get surprise chocolate flakes as you drink

My name is Angela and I am a smoothie addict with a craze for healthy foods that are also delicious.
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