About Me


I am Angela, a 30 something years old with uncontrollable passion to food. I am notoriously known as a smoothie addict with a craze for healthy food that is also delicious. But it’s not always been like that.


For years I was eating the average American diet:

  • Junk food
  • Sweets
  • More junk food
  • Bread, Pasta
  • Soft drinks
  • Processed foods

You get the point…

No surprise that I was suffering the consequences of my lifestyle:

I started to put on weight, suffer from low energy levels, lack of concentration and bloating.

My husband and I were planning a family and I couldn’t stop asking myself “how would I be able to play with a baby and give it the love and attention it deserved if I am not healthy?”

That was the moment I knew that I had to make a change for myself and my family. So the next week I picked myself up and got started.

    • Giving up drinking – I did this for 8 months to reduce liver inflammation and help cleanse my body. I don’t drink at home anymore and when I go out I can regulate my drinking.


    • No takeaways – Eating in the comfort of my home on the sofa stopped me actually paying attention to what I was eating and meant that I would binge. Now we go out to healthier restaurants and I pre-choose the healthiest and most delicious option so I can have the best of both worlds (my husband and I have date night every Friday and I have the best of both worlds!)


    • Smoothies – After advice from the nutritionist, she recommended that they would be the best way to incorporate leafy greens and fruit into my diet and now they are even sometimes a whole meal. We experiment in the kitchen with next flavors and textures and even combine other superfoods in for the best health benefits


    • Superfood Snacks – To avoid unhealthy snacking or binging I have been cooking using superfoods to bring real nutritional value to the foods that I eat. This way I know that I can have some sweet things but they aren’t completely pointless and that makes them guilt-free.


    • Increased exercise – running and low impact HIIT exercises is the way I am toning my body back into shape and added to my healthy diet it has worked wonders. I take the dogs out for a walk (sometimes run) and we love it and I no longer feel guilty.

I also completed a degree in nutrition because I wanted to figure out the science behind the things and learn how I can change my physical and mental condition through food. You wouldn’t believe how changing your food choices can affect your life in the most wonderful ways.

Now let me say this: It’s not been an easy road. I have made mistakes that have resulted in weekend long binges because I have tried to restrict myself too much. I have skipped workouts and felt bad about it and I have definitely eaten my fair share of naughty cake that I shouldn’t of.

But the important part is that every day I wake up and I am willing to try again, I know I won’t go back to where I was because I want to be healthy for my family as well as myself. I want to make my husband proud and I want to be around to raise my children and be the best mom I can be.

I hope my story will inspire you to do something with your life. And I promise to do whatever I can to help you hit your goal.

Feel free to comment, ask questions or contact me (I always respond to emails)

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